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    About us

    About us

    Having conducted extensive research in the education sector for over four years, let us help you realize your potential.

    We are a 100% Zimbabwean owned company specializing in providing affordable, top-notch training material to learners in Zimbabwe and beyond. Join Campus Vienoula today, and start learning; join as a tutor and start earning.

    Learning Hours

    The Vienoula Recipe

    At Campus Vienoula, we thrive for students to get the absolute best from their learning. We engineered material around four pillars of support –

    Subscription Cost
    We vow to try and keep our costs at a minimum, just a coffee a month per subject, affordable for as many people as possible. We offer a comprehensive plethora of high-quality education and administrative support with our subjects.

    We engineered all material in collaboration with highly experienced tutors, well qualified in their fields. They want to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

    Time and Flexibility
    Having a busy schedule? Not a problem, we got you covered, we want to help. Start at any time that suits you and continue to learn at your own pace wherever you find the time to study; we are a click away.

    Above all else, we set out to afford you with the most beneficial learning experience based on high-quality material and support delivered via convenient modern systems.

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    Access courses that cut straight to the core concepts, saving you money and time.
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    Achieve Your Goals

    Lightweight courses that respect a learning path focusing on core concepts, saving precious data, money, and time.
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    Learn Comfortably

    Safe Secure, 24/7 distance learning. Learn at your own pace, pause, rewind, and do it over again.
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    Affordable Learning

    Learn at the price of a cup of coffee a month. We integrated with multiple payment gateways for your convenience.

    Our Events

    Our Events
    Campus Vienoula Official Launch

    Campus Vienou|a an online learning management system aimed at making education affordable to the...

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    Mobile Friendly

    Mobile Friendly

    Designed with smartphones in mind, Campus Vienoula is mobile-friendly for fluid user experience. We know that data consumption is close at heart for our clients; we engineered the best videos and quizzes with the latest technology to make sure you learn and stay happy when visiting your online learning courses.