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Campus Vienoula makes sure our tutors uphold and adhere to the highest standards that will ensure high-quality material creation for our learners. The content is verified and worked on by multiple subject matter experts to ensure diversity in the approach of delivery.

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The Campus Vienoula team welcomes you. The courses frequently have more than one tutor who plays a role in creating and maintaining the course. The co-developing of the curriculum courses can be a great way to add expertise and a new perspective. Make sure you read through the co-developing content material, and you agree with it before signing up.
The provision of consistent learners' experience requires that Campus Vienoula's courses meet a certain standard for approval. Our Quality Review Team (Vienoula QRT) will assist you in getting your material approved when the recording session is complete. We reserve the right to re-review courses if tutors dishonor those standards at any point, and the tutor is advised within the payment period, pausing the payout.
Please make sure you go through every link provided below and familiarize yourself with how we operate and what is expected of you.